Now that we’re in camping season, there’s a habit that needs to be fixed.

If you already practice this, great job, and thank you! For everyone else, we need to do better.

Take your trash with you!

My friend Kris Froehlich posted this picture on the Facebook group WTF Yakima from his recent visit to Rimrock Lake.

two overflowing dumpsters at a park
Pic Courtesy of Kris Froehlich

Now, you might see this and think, what’s the problem? The garbage is in (around the dumpsters).


You might not realize that it only takes one gust of wind to make a huge mess.

garbage on the ground

Or how a few animals tearing open the bags and scattering the garbage can cause more damage than you might comprehend.

We’re constantly annoyed that our parks are closed or the cost to operate them is too high.

Well, this right here, is a reason.

overflowing dumpster
Pic Courtesy of Kris Froehlich

Many people have the attitude, “I paid for the pass to get here, so I should be able to use the dumpsters.

I get it, and I agree, but would you still use the dumpster when it’s overflowing?

According to Kris, these dumpsters were full by 10:30 Monday morning.

overflowing dumpster
Pic Courtesy of Kris Froehlich

Do you have any idea when the dumpsters will be picked up? Especially on a week with a holiday?

There’s that catchy phrase that if all of us campers can start abiding by, it would help big time.

“Pack It In, Pack It Out!”

If you brought in all the material, you should have room for it to go home with you. In other words, take your garbage with you.

If the dumpster is empty, use it. If you can take it with you, even better! Please do that.

Especially since not everyone will have the forethought that animals will take your garbage and spread it around.

animals getting into dumpsters

Campers of Washington, please take your garbage with you when you leave. If you don’t, Mother Nature will spread it around, making a costly mess.

Forcing our parks to close down longer and more often, not to mention the risk of hurting the area and wildlife.

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