I'm dropping this review into the "Happy Wife, Happy Life" category. I don't mind spicy things but they're not my go-to. With the exception of certain Taco Bell food items, or spicy Doritos (or other spicy chips). I'd say the spiciest thing I've eaten was either the wings at Famous Dave's with their Devil's Spit BBQ sauce, or a habanero stuffed green olive (20+ years ago). But my wife saw these and wanted to try them... and I (possibly) regretted it.

The Taste Testing Reviewing Legal Stuff!

This is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for or against this company or brand of boneless chicken wings. I'm reviewing them because I am amused at the outcome of me eating them, and writing this article without any promise of compensation or payment in any form.

boneless chicken wings in a plastic container

Taste Test of Pizza Hut's Hot Honey Boneless Wings

According to the website, they are "dusted with Cajun style Dry Rub and tossed in Habanero-infused honey sauce." That they are, and the taste was good. Like all spicy things, it took a little bit for it to get hot. Like 5 seconds. Then something happened that I have never experienced before.


My lips started to swell up, it got hard to talk, and my left eye started watering. Yep, something in this fiery concoction made me have an allergic reaction. Luckily, no breathing issues or any actual pain (as of this writing). 2 nights later, I'm still swollen.

NOTE: I'm not 100% sure that the wings are to blame, but, the swelling started shortly (with in a minute) after having my first (and only) wing.

UPDATE: After swelling not going down after a day, I started to grow concern. After consulting my doctor, my face did NOT swell up on one side, but I experienced Bell's Palsy. My face wasn't swelling, the other side of my face I was losing sensation, which gave me the feeling that everything was swelling.

After a week, I have roughly 75% of muscle control back in my face. I was also warned, that if that EVER happens again, it could be signs of a stroke, and to get to the hospital ASAP. A lesson well learned.

NOW, back to the Chicken Wings!

boneless chicken wings in a plastic container

2nd Opinion Taste Test of Pizza Hut's Hot Honey Boneless Wings

My wife enjoyed them. So much in fact, that as I was swelling up, and she was showing concern for my well being, she continued to eat them. She eventually helped me out by eating my half. No physical issues there, my honey is spicy!


Could These Be The Spiciest Wings In WA, CA, & OR?

Answering this question? It depends who you ask. If you ask my wife or even my taste-buds, no. If you ask my mother in-law (who I know doesn't handle spicy very well, so we didn't even offer her one)...YES! Will I be back for a 2nd round, originally no, but after the UPDATE (see above), probably!. My wife already has showed signs of wanting to try them again, you know, just to see if I am truly allergic (could have been both) to something in the rub "FOR SCIENCE!" But with these being a limited time and limited release, I think I'm good letting these fall off the menu.

black plastic dome used for Pizza Hut chicken wings.

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