Were you one of the many fortunate people to see the Northern Lights last month?

Or were you like me (and several others) to either get a late start at the viewing or sleep through the whole thing?

Only to wake up the next morning to see their social media feed bombarded with images that they had missed!

We might get another chance to see the beautiful sky colors this month when the sunspot cluster and the earth align again.

The National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have started seeing “moderate solar flares” and no real signs of it slowing down.

And with the 27-day rotation cycle coming up, it could be another spectacular light show soon.

Northern lights in background with black trees and a male figure point to the sky. Neon question mark in a speech bubble.

It is warned that not all solar flares (along with a coronal mass ejection) can produce enough energy to give us an aurora that we can “ooh and ah” about; there is a good chance.

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The 27th day cycle will occur on June 6th, so hopefully, this will be the start of some cool auras.

If everything lines up with the right amount of power and force, it could give us something to crane our necks to between June 8th and June 12th.

That is the highest likely chance of seeing an aurora, thanks to NOAA data.

Fingers crossed that we'll have clear skies!

Visit Chronline.com for more in-depth details on the possible June lights.

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Space.com describes the phenomenon as an event where "energize particles of the sun" collide with the upper atmosphere. The particles are redirected thanks to the Earth's magnetic field which then creates the colorful nighttime lights. Conditions on May 10-12 helped push the Northern Lights farther south.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll