The hustle and bustle of Christmas is finally over. Life is slowly returning to normal, but you're still not back into the "cooking for yourself and your family" mode. You might have some gift cards but want to try something new.

Esquire released their annual list of new restaurants that have popped up throughout the year, and on this side of the United States, we were lucky enough to score 20 out of the top 50!

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Best New Restaurants of 2023 in Washington State!

Out of the top 50 Washington State had two entrepreneur in the culinary arts that cracked the top 50.

Bistro Estelle located in Bellingham, Washington and HAMDI residing in Seattle! Both places that should be on a list to check out in 2024!

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Best New Restaurants of 2023 in California!

So many great restaurants across the entire United States, but no other state had so many entries on Esquires list than California. Out of the 50 top new restaurants of 2023, 13 of them call California home!

Of the 13, 4 are in Los Angeles, whereas San Diego and San Francisco each claim 2. The other 7 are located in beautiful cities throughout the state.

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You can find the new restaurants: Dunsmoor, Poltergeist, UBUNTU, and YESS in Los Angeles.

In San Diego, check out Hiokuchi and Mabel’s Gone Fishing.
When you're in San Francisco be sure to visit Dalida and KILN.


The other new spots for eats in California are Auro in Calistoga, Burdell in Oakland, Chez Noir in Carmel, Rory’s Place in Ojai, and VALLE in Oceanside, California.

Where are you planning on eating in 2024, one of these top places, or is there a better new restaurant that you feel Esquire snubbed? Tap the App and let us know!

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