You’re busy running errands or getting ready in the morning. You’re almost ready to get in your car and hit the road, but you’re missing something. Keys? Nope, you have those in your hand. Wallet, nope, that’s in your pocket. Then, you have a mini panic attack. Where’s your phone? You search for it, not in your pockets, not where you set it down last; where could it be? Then you realize you’re holding it! Phew! Crisis averted.

You head outside to get in your car, and if you thought losing your phone was a mini panic attack, now comes the MAJOR panic attack! Your car has been stolen! What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO? You freak out! That’s what you do!

Okay, now that you have adequately freaked out, walked up and down the area where your car WAS SUPPOSE TO BE, cussing or praying, maybe both (depending on the type of person you are). You are a little calmer. What do you do now? You need to call someone! CRAP! What did you do with your phone? Was it in the car? Nope, you’re still holding it. Now that that 3rd crisis has been solved, here’s what you should do if your car is stolen!

5 Things To Do If Some Idiot Steals Your Car!

Once the panic is gone, it is time to take action! These tips don't guarentee that your car will be returned to you, but by doing these suggestions (courtesy of NerdWallet) ASAP, it'll help save some future stress in your life.

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

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