According to the Yakima County Sheriff's Office and the Washington State Patrol, more roadside gold scam suspects are in custody.

WSP says two more are being held

The scam involves people who are seen hanging out in store parking lots, and they approach customers with distressed stories about being broke, needing to travel somewhere else, and needing money for gas or repairs. They offer 'gold' types of jewelry in exchange for cash.

A number of area residents fell for this scam in 2022 and 2023. Then it expanded to roadside efforts.


Yakima gold scammers (YCSO)
Yakima gold scammers (YCSO)

Numerous reports this late summer and fall have been taken by authorities including the WSP.  These scammers have been spotted around the Columbia Basin. They park on the side of the road, and even on-or offramps from highways. They lift their vehicle's hood to make it look like they're having car trouble.

Some of the perps have even stepped out into the road and been aggressive in trying to get drivers to stop. If they do, they run the same scam as they did in the parking lots.

  WSP says two more scammers arrested

Now two more are in the Yakima County Jail following efforts by the WSP to crack down on the scammers.  These photos from the WSP and Yakima County Sheriff show extensive amounts of fake gold jewelry that was confiscated.

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Authorities advise the public not to stop for these scammers, and if you see suspicious activity such as disabled vehicles, to call it into the police.

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