Kennewick Police say there was a brief lockdown Wednesday morning at Kennewick High School after an assault and theft suspect entered the facility.

  Teen assaults another teen, steals shoes

Around 9:49 AM  Kennewick Police responded to the south 400 block of S. Dayton for a report about a strong-arm robbery (a robbery committed involving an assault).

A male teen assaulted another teen, knocking them down, and then stole their shoes. The suspect sprinted from the scene and entered one of the buildings at Kennewick HS, triggering a brief lockdown.

School security and Kennewick Officers located, isolated, and arrested the teen without incident.

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The teen was booked into the Benton-Franklin County Juvenile Justice Center on charges of 2nd Degree Robbery.

Police did not say if the two teens were KSD students, or what led up to the incident.

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