THis is Lucias, the dog 'dog catcher' (WRPD)
THis is Lucias, the dog 'dog catcher' (WRPD)

West Richland has a 'police' dog, who catches....other dogs.

 During their recent Coffee with a Cop series, Lucias featured

West Richland has had a police dog of a different kind for a number of years. WRPD is known for its efforts in helping animal control in our region, their Facebook page contains a lot of 'apprehensions' of lost dogs, and they help them get home.

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But one of the ways they do it is with this little guy, Lucias. For the last seven years, he's captured or helped apprehend 32 uncooperative dogs, who could not be caught by the ACO (animal control officer).

It all began 7 years ago when ACO got a report of two large dogs who refused to let themselves be caught. They were running rampant and creating a traffic hazard. However, when Lucias showed up, within minutes they were calmed down and could be apprehended.  Ever since, when there's been a rogue dog, ACO brings in this little Corgi-Heeler mix, Lucias. He somehow is able to 'calm' them down, and get them to obey commands, and relax. A dog-dog whisperer? 

He's also participated in many school visits in classrooms, even played soccer with kids at recess, and has been a part of community events and parades.

During his downtime, he also plays fetch for the ACO and WRPD.  He almost looks like he's smiling.

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