Consider this your warning. All Washington state unpaid toll fees are due March 1st.

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WSDOT's Good to Go! online payment system comes to an end tomorrow. (March 1st) The online payment program began in July 2021 where fees and penalties were paused. Good to Go! customers were give a grace period to adjust to the state's new toll billing system.


The system was established to work with people to resolve unpaid bills, avoid fees and help lower bills. WSDOT also started the pay as you go system, making it possible for people to open an account without requiring prepayment of tolls.

What will happen if you don't pay?

Notices will be sent. The first will be a second bill with a $5 reprocessing charge. The second notice will result in a $40 civil penalty for EACH unpaid toll. The third and final notice will have WSDOT requesting a hold on your vehicle's registration with the Department of Licensing.

How can you pay your unpaid toll bill?

Open an account at

WSDOT reminds you to be patient. The call center will be very busy on March 1. You're encouraged You can dispute late fees and penalties if you didn't receive a bill. And, if you cannot locate your bill, call Good To Go! customer service at 1-866-936-8246. They'll work with you to address your issues. You can avoid a higher bill in the future by taking care of your unpaid tolls today.

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