Ok, I am an animal lover, to the core! Any dog I walk past, I will respect their space, but man do I have the angst to say, "Who's a good pupper dog, Yous is!!!!" I swear, dogs get me every time! I love birds, cats, hamsters, rabbits even, all of the cutie animals of course, and they aren't bad pets to keep as well.


But there are animals that are illegal to own in Washington State.

Yes, there's like a list of over 10 animals you may not own as pets for here in Washington. While some may be "obvious," I was kind of surprised by some of the animals, from movies I guess they seemed like they would make good pets (think the movie, The Hangover, the Lion owned by Mike Tyson.)

No, you may not Own these Animals in Washington State

Dogs, Cats, and some birds, yes, all ok to own as pets, but let's look at the animals you may NOT own as pets here in Washington State.

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What are the legal breakdowns?

Chapter 16.30 RCW: DANGEROUS WILD ANIMALS (wa.gov)

Above is a more in-depth look into the WA State laws regarding Dangerous Wild Animals.

I get it, some states will allow some of these animals, but let's be absolutely real for a second, these are WILD animals. and While we may seem to know these animals, they have their own agenda, their own instincts. Let's leave these wild animals to the Wild and just continue on our merry way.

The numbers for homeless domesticated pets though, that's something to look into.

Astonishing: The Unprecedented truth of homeless pets in WA 

One way to help with the homeless pet population is to donate to our local animal shelters! Such a sad situation, and they just want a warm love. The Wenatchee Valley Humane Society is always accepting donations, plus that's an awesome place to volunteer.



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