A  recent traffic saftey issue has some citizens in Benton County concerned.

Citizens in Benton County Voiced Concerns around the Saftey of Students on School Busses

The week, the Benton County Deputies were made aware that several drivers had not stopped for the school buses during their routes out in Finley.  The area of concern was along Bowles Road between Haney Road and Oak Street.

The Benton County Sheriff's Office Acted to Help Make Sure Students on Busses Stayed Safe.

Benton County Deputies spent  Tuesday morning and afternoon stepping up their presence with extra patrols and enforcing school bus-related traffic violations to help ensure the safety of all the kids.
In a post on their Facebook Page, the Sheriff's Office said, "We will continue to work those bus routes in Finley. Please drive safely!"

School Bus Laws in Washington State

The State of Washington has several laws addressing school bus safety and one about situations like those happening in Finely.

In summary of the Washington State Laws around School Bus Safety:

Drivers must stop when overtaking or encountering a stationary school bus engaged in picking up or discharging students upon receiving a visible signal. They must remain stationary until the school bus resumes motion or the visual signals for the stop are no longer present.

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