(Pasco, WA) -- The Special Investigations Unit has released more details into the Officer-Involved Shooting that went down Thursday, December 7th at an RV Park off 1505 South Road 40 East in Pasco around 5:00pm. Police were called to the trailer park on a domestic violence report. Upon arriving, four officers at the location heard the sound of a disturbance coming from inside a trailer. Officers opened the door of the trailer home after making initial contact. That's where they found a man, later identified as 49-year-old Jose Jara-Delacruz, holding a firearm and struggling with a woman, said to be 43-year-old Maria Vargas-Gomez. After the initial contact, Jara-Delacruz pointed and fired his gun at the officers.

A Shootout Ensues

One Pasco Police Officer responded by returning fire. The officers began to back away from the trailer door as Jara-Delacruz continued firing his weapon. Once that stopped, officers approached the door again, reaching inside it, and were able to take Jara-Delacruz into custody without further incident. Both Jara-Delacruz and Vargas-Gomez had what appeared to be gunshot wounds. Police immediately gave first aid until Pasco Fire Medics arrived and took over. Both involved adults were taken to Kadlec Medical Center and were then transferred out of the area for further medical treatment. Jara-Delacruz has been released from the medical facility and booked into King County Jail on two counts of Attempted Murder 1. Vargas-Gomez remains in critical condition at an out-of-area medical facility. No officers were injured during this incident. This remains an on-going SIU investigation.

If you know anything about this incident, you're asked to call one of the SIU sergeants listed below:

Sergeant Jose Santoy – jose.santoy@ci.kennewick.wa.us 509 582 1311

Sergeant John Raby – jraby@ci.richland.wa.us 509 942 7713

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