• What If There Was A Stock Market Where Communities Were The Stocks

  • In Which Cities Should You Invest Your Money For A Good Return?

  • How Good Of An Investment Are Washington Cities?

This is an interesting approach to categorize cities around the country that have "it" going on. Growth, investment excitement, recovery, expansion, you name it. They all have "something" that makes them a city on the rise....kinda like a hot stock.


What Are America's Blue Chip Top City Picks?

The Stock Dork surveyed 3,000 investors asking them If there was a hypothetical 'City Exchange,' like the stock exchange, where they could wheel and deal shares in American cities, which cities would they buy?

Adam Garcia of The Stock Dork:

The most prosperous cities will be those that adapt, innovate, and provide an ecosystem where culture, technology, and education converge. It's not just about the economic indicators; it's about the spirit of the city 

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Look For The Sunshine - California And Florida For the Best Returns

No question about it, F-L-A is the place to be with four of the top ten hottest cities found in the Sunshine State.

  • #1 Jacksonville
  • #2 Fort Lauderdale
  • #5 Coral Springs
  • #7 Boynton Beach

In addition to those four cities, the Stock Dork investors listed another 19 Florida cities as possible investments. California placed Santa Barbara in the top Ten and another 46 California cities made the list of 250.

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Seattle Becomes First City To Reach Key 70 Percent Vaccination Rate
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So the Southeast And Cali Are Cooking, What about The Pacific Northwest?

While Washington posts four cities on the list with Seattle at number 80, the other three are all in the lower half of the survey. Stock-wise, maybe not such a sure thing!

  • Seattle (80)
  • Vancouver (147)
  • Kent (166)
  • Bellingham (238)
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What Does The Investment Class Think About Seattle?

80th seems a little low for the jewel of the Northwest. Investors say Seattle has a prime location, diverse industries, and a successful economy. Here's how the analysis breaks down:

Seattle benefits from its strategic location as a gateway to Asia and its proximity to Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains. The city's economy is diverse, with strengths in industries such as technology, aerospace, healthcare, education, and maritime trade. Seattle is home to tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, as well as numerous startups, research institutions, and healthcare facilities, driving innovation and job growth in key sectors.

Portland came in at number 26 and Eugene at 162 as the only two Oregon cities to make the top 250.

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