► Since The Beginning Of Time - It's Men VS Women On Pay Day

► The Oregon Gender Pay Gap Is Significantly Larger than the National Average

It can be tricky to find the latest numbers comparing men's and women's pay across the country. The internet has many articles that show some states making progress and other articles saying those same states are losing ground. For this article, we are using the U.S. Census Bureau 2022 data as presented in a January 2024 story from the Sacramento Bee newspaper.

The Bee reports this national comparison of full-time working men and women.

  • Men made an annual median pay of $62,350 
  • Women earned $52,360.
  • The average gap is $9,990.

Pay Day Is Greener For Younger Workers

It's not just a man vs women pay gap but a younger woman vs older woman pay gap too. The Pew Research Center has found that the average older worker ($58,600) earns 80% of the average annual earnings of younger workers ( $73,700). Any narrowing of that gap comes about as a result of older workers working more hours 

Women ages 25 to 34 earn an average of 92 cents for every dollar a man in the same age group earned
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Ethnicity Factors Weigh Down The Numbers When Computing Gender Pay Gaps

The national pay gap gets worse if you are a working woman of color. Latina women earn about 58 cents and Black women earn 63 cents for every dollar made by white males, according to the Government Accountability Office.

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It's Time To Get Busy In The Beaver State Of Oregon

Given that the national pay gap is $9,990, Oregon still has some work to do. The comparative dollar amount for Oregon is about 24% higher.

  • Oregon Men made an annual median pay of $54,766  
  • Oregon Women earned $41,808
  • The average Oregon gap is $12,958

Take heart next door neighbor, Washington's Gender Pay Gap average is $16,501 dollars The dollars are more, but the percentage of the gap (23%) is very comparable to yours.

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