One unique thing about living in the Pacific Northwest: you will meet many people who love to go foraging for mushrooms.

Why do people love foraging for mushrooms so much? Well, I've seen it referred to as hunting for treasure, plus you get to be outdoors and become one with nature. It's also a way to get sustainable food, for free!

Foraging in Oregon isn't hard; there are dozens of different mushrooms you can find in the wild here.

There's even dedicated groups just for mushroom foraging, including the Native Plant Society of Oregon and the Oregon Mycological Society.

You can also find lots of threads on Reddit. It's great because you get to see the popular places locals go to forage mushrooms in Oregon!

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Here are three great places Oregon locals recommend if you want to go foraging for mushrooms. This list is not comprehensive, by any means, but it will definitely get you started on your new fungi journey.


2 . Oxbow Park in Corbett:

Sometimes mushroom walks classes are offered here.

Forage for Mushrooms at Oxbow Park Campground in Corbett OR
Google Street View


2 . Trillium Lake Trailhead in Government Camp:

Foragers love looking for Chanterelles here. You need to get a permit before you go. It is free!

Trillium Lake Trailhead in Government Camp OR
Google Street View


3 . Larch Mountain Trail in Troutdale:

You can look for mushrooms and check out the three gorgeous waterfalls, Multnomah, Wisendanger and Ecola falls.

Larch Mountain Trail in Troutdale, OR

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