So I graduated from high school in 1979 (Hanford Falcons YEAH!) I spent the last couple of years in school jumping in my buddy's car and heading to to Artic Circle drive in in Richland, maybe McDonalds. But before we got our driver's licenses and we could leave campus we had to eat school lunch or pack our own lunch.

From about the time I was in First grade I remember there were rules about how you could put your tray on the line and the lunch lady would plop food on your plate. There were even some kids that volunteered to help serve lunch in the cafeteria. Boy what a job that was! I wonder if they got extra lunch or leftovers.

I had my favorites and I had my dislikes. COuldn't wait for Friday Pizza day or a monday chili & cinnamon roll day on a cold winter day.

So the history of school lunch goes back to the late 1800's however school cafeterias didn't come about until the 1930's.  Nowadays kids can cruise thru a salad bar and eat ala carte!. But even today schools are still trying to come up with meals that kids will love.!

To see the history of school lunch check out this bit of history on School Lunch!

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