It's been a long time coming for Richland's Duportail Bridge and now it's finally a green light in both directions.

The Duportail Bridge construction started in March of 2018 and the bridge connects Duportail Street into the Queensgate area over the ravine in Richland.

The new bridge will make it easier and also lessen traffic along SR-240 or as we call it, the By-Pass Highway or Wellsian Way area.

It's been a dream for the City of Richland to get the project done and now according to a press release from the Project Manager, it's a green light to go starting Wednesday, December 16th!

If you've been waiting to use the bridge both ways and not just local traffic, give it a shot once you see the green lights on!

My wife and I drove the bridge one-way last month so enjoy this virtual drive on the new Duportail Bridge

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