Have you been to Crumbl Cookie in Richland yet?

My wife and I went a few weeks back and the cookies are great. We are hooked on them.

Word is out that Crumbl Cookie will soon be opening up a new location this fall in Kennewick.

The first location for Crumbl Cookie is in the Queensgate area in Vintner Square.

Crumbl Cookie has an unusual cookie concept. They have over 150 varieties of cookies and they rotate them weekly at the shop.

Here is how it works:

They rotate four specialty cookies a week while having access to over 150+ varieties of cookies.

They also have two cookies at all times on the menu, chocolate chips, and a chilled sugar cookie which they claim are world-famous.

Crumbl Cookie also features chocolate milk and milk to wash the cookies down with.

The new Crumbl Cookie location will be in the old GameStop next to Chipotle right off Columbia Center Boulevard. Crumbl Cookie owners Matt and Ranae Rusk of Pasco are excited for the new location.

It'll be right next to the mall making for an easy central location for customers to check out and the owners are hoping to have their Kennewick Crumbl Cookie location open by September of 2021.

You can read more about the new location here.

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