When I first read about the Christmas Day Break In at JC Penney in Kennewick's Columbia Center Mall, I thought...what are they trying to steal? Well, my wife says bras aren't cheap so maybe a bunch of those? How about a new, fancy washer and dryer? Nah, too bulky. But then I realized they do have a jewelry case...so maybe it was a pillow case full of that kind of stuff. It's probably not coats and winter items because jcpenney.com says all of that stuff is 50% right now anyway, so why bother stealing it. LOL

Now, if it was jewelry, what does a common thief from Tri-Cities know about fencing that stuff on the world market? And there's the hole in the plan. The thief probably didn't work it all the way through. So if you see some nice jewelry for sale cheap on Facebook 509 Buy Sell Trade, you might want to wait until Kennewick Police publish a list of the stolen items before you buy.


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