Break out the W-4, the W-10, the W-2-20, 2-21 -- what ever it takes -- to get your taxes done this year.

With the help of computer programs, a lot of people do their own taxes at home and file online. I don't fool around when it comes to the IRS, I pay my taxes, and drink my beer, in that order.

If you want to cut corners there are some businesses out there that pop up right around tax time, then disappear on April 16 (that would be April 17 this year because the 15th is a Sunday, but you get what I mean) so be careful.

Here are the top signs your tax guy is a redneck.

* Your tax guys work at the offices of Dewey, Screwem and Howe

* His brother has to help him count because he blew most of his fingers off in an M-80 mishap

* He accepts Walmart gift cards as payment for his services

* He lets you write off your two hunting dogs, a pack mule and your pot bellied pig as dependents

* His business card has a picture of Calvin wizzing on Kyle Busch's #18 Toyota

* His sister and wife both work for him, yet he only has one employee

* Under automotive expenses he includes your naked lady mudflaps

What's the strangest thing you have ever written off at tax time?

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