In a recent thread that I found on Facebook in the "All About Tri-Cities" group, a woman who recently moved here from Wenatchee was wondering how to get rid of all the snails and slugs that are ruining her plants. My first reaction was...we have snails and slugs here? When I was just knee-high to a grasshopper (as Grandpa used to say), I lived in Tacoma and believe me, my mom went through a lot of salt killing all those slugs. But here in the desert, you've got a good chance of finding some snails by one of our rivers, but in your yard...not so much.

Lots of people chimed in on that Facebook post and said they've lived here for years and have never seen a slug. Others commented that the snail and slug issue is unusually high this year. Hmmm. It might have something to do with over-watering because there sure hasn't been much rain lately.

Then several people commented on how beer is the best thing to rid your yard of snails and slugs. I'm not one to waste a good brew, but I had to investigate. I found a video that does more than just use beer to kill these slimy pests, it's an actual trap. Yes, a beer trap! So if you happen to suddenly get overrun with snails and slugs, or you have relatives on the west side that could benefit from this, check out the video below.


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