I have been traveling to Sunnyside for many years to do my business at the DMV and I just felt it necessary to share my ongoing incredible experience with the world!

So many of us have had bad experiences having to sit for hours in the DMV, with screaming kids and unfriendly workers only to find out you are missing a piece of information and wasted half your day!

Well, I am about to change your experience! The short commute to Sunnyside has been saving lives for years for me!! The Sunnyside DMV is a breath of fresh air and worth the drive! The workers are truly so kind and helpful and my favorite part THERE IS ALMOST NO WAITING!

I went yesterday and the gentleman who helped me was so friendly and helpful! I walked in, pulled a number, barely sat down and they called my number! I was in and out in less than 10 minutes!

No waiting in Sunnyside!

So next time you need to do business at the DMV I suggest you put a few bucks in your gas tank and make the drive to Sunnyside and experience great customer service!

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