You definitely don't see this everyday. What appears to be a man taking his pet cow for a walk was actually our neighbor helping another neighbor wrangle and return her cow. Apparently he had sold a cow (we will call her Betsy) to the neighbor down the street and the cow got homesick. After a few days at her new home, Betsy decided she wanted to go to the only home she has known.

Betsy broke through the fence and started her adventure home. Unfortunately her path home was on a dangerous road and she was not safe in her travels.  All the neighbors worked together to rope the cow and as you can see in the video they chose to just walk Betsy back to her new dwellings. As I stood on the side of the road and witnessed everything, the best part was watching the reactions of all folks driving by in their cars. The laughter was priceless. Just a man and his cow, out for a Sunday stroll... or at least that's what it appeared to be from afar. Video below.

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