Thieves are busy cutting and hacking catalytic converters from unexpecting motorists, usually as they sleep. Who would have expected someone to be so bold as to steal the catalytic converter from the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? Well, it happened while it was parked in Las Vegas last week.

PETA, The animal rights group (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) caught wind of this and had an offer they hoped would be too good to turn down. The president of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk wrote a letter to the CEO of Kraft Heintz asking them to turn their Wiener, Vegan, and in return, they would cover the cost to fix the Weiner Mobile! I don't know how much a catalytic converter is going for these days, but I have a feeling turning a giant wiener into a vegan dog would be pretty spendy! Not to mention it is the WEINER Mobile and has always been made up of unidentified wiener stuff!

Newkirk wrote in his letter, "PETA is willing to cover the cost of the replacement part and the maintenance of the vehicle for one year if you convert it into a Not Dogmobile or something similar, with the rising demand for vegan hot dogs and following last year’s report about the potential for Oscar Mayer Not Hot Dogs, now is the perfect time to put the brakes on an old idea and make a shift. Since Americans’ appetite for cruelty-free foods is only growing, we hope you’ll relish this opportunity to ketchup with the trend by having at least one veggie dog mobile,"

As clever and compelling as the letter was written, when asked for their reply a representative from Kraft Heintz responded to 13News Now with the following statement;

"We received the letter, and respectfully declined their offer as our Wienermobile is all fixed up and back on the road. Giving people a variety of high-quality, delicious food options is important to us, and we have long offered many plant-based options. We recently announced new plant-based Philadelphia cream cheese. We’re also excited to expand our plant-based offering via our joint venture with NotCo and have already announced Kraft NotCo plant-based cheese slices, as well as mayo."

So it will remain a giant, meaty wiener!

Oscar Mayer Wieners Vist Chicago school
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