I saw an article recently on YakTrinews.com about a mother and daughter who have started a new business in Kennewick on Gage Blvd. called Our Cookie House. They're only open a couple days a week for now, but you can order online anytime. The mom of the dynamic cookie duo says that she worked hard to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and has used that recipe for a couple of decades now. My wife makes a great chocolate chip cookie, but would I call it the 'perfect' chocolate chip cookie? Not exactly. Good is good, but even good is not PERFECT. And while I understand that to call something perfect can have a lot to do with individual tastes, I'm looking very forward to trying Our Cookie House.

I think the perfect chocolate chip cookie is:

**More soft than crunchy

**Not overloaded with chocolate chips

**Contains walnut pieces, but again, not overloaded

**More flat than thick

To read more about how the idea of Our Cookie House got started, you can read the full article below.


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