Salamanders, turtles and goldfish oh my! Remember when these were just snacks in China, no more. Start your car with your new pet turtle, open up your home with your friendly salamander. The best part of this new fad, if you do lose your keys you'll be able to find them in a couple of days by following the smell of your rotting new pet. Street vendors in China have helped to create a new trend in the country by touting tiny reptiles sealed in colored water and attached to a keychain to passers-by.

The newest craze is nothing short of bizarre, which is probably why so many people are interested in purchasing one of their own portable salamanders, turtles or goldfish. Despite its novelty, though, animal activists are less than pleased.

Each packet is roughly 7 cm. long and is sealed tightly. Though vendors claim the water is nutrient rich, others claim this is not the case. As with any living creature deprived of water, oxygen and food, the tiny prisoners can only live a few days. Each keychain is sold for about $1.50 each. Despite protests, the keychains are legal in China.

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