A Boy Scout leader was with a troop in the Olympic Mountains in Mason County, Washington. His own son wasn't feeling well, so he stayed behind the group on a hike and got his son set up so he was comfortable and warm until the troop came back down the trail. Then he set off to catch up, but never found them.

Due to the fog, the leader said he had trouble following the trail and even though he could hear their laughter and chatting, it never seemed like he got closer. In fact, their voices seemed to be echoes and he began to wonder if he was even close them.

Then he heard nothing and began crisscrossing the hillside fruitlessly until he found a backpack that had been torn to shreds. It was then he realized a cougar might find him before the troop.

Like any good Boy Scout he was "prepared" and had items to start a fire. So he gathered wood and bedded down for the night taking naps in between his vigil with the fire. In the morning he hiked to a ridge and tried sending smoke signals and making a clue that could be seen from the air.

Then he just started hiking through thick brush and eventually found a road where a motorcycle recreationalist found him and gave him a ride to the fire station where his wife was waiting with the search party.