Gov. Inslee announced a partial relaxation of the fishing outdoor ban on Monday, announcing a series of changes.

In short, Inslee said what will be permitted, assuming "the data supports it,"  the following will be allowed coming May 5:

  • day use of state parks
  • day use of state lands for fishing and hunting
  • day use of golf courses
  • state operated-overseen boat launches

However, Inslee said if you golf, only in pairs if you're not family. Foursomes will be allowed if you are in the same family.

He also said however that people should not "cram" a bunch of people into a boat. Clams and shellfish and coastal fishing not opening yet.

He mentions protocols for safety and security, and officials said to plan day trips, bring supplies, so you will not have to interact with others in stores and restaurants.

Practice social distancing at all times. Inslee also said this was not set in stone, if the virus comes "roaring back" there will have to be modifications to these policies, and he turned the mood downward by emphasizing we are nowhere, in his opinion, near "normal."

Inslee also mentioned under the Federal CARES Act, some $300 million dollars will be allocated to WA state for communities, cities, towns and businesses. Allocation details will be coming soon, he said. He took another swipe at the Feds, when he referenced that some Senators mentioned bankruptcy for some communities. Inslee said that would not work, because it would interfere with the 'covid tracking' program he wants to implement, which has brought much controversy.

To watch the press conference, click on the button below.

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