The smile that angered the internet is now living on Duportail St.

45 year-old Angenette M. Welk was almost twice over the legal limit when she slammed into another car, killing a 60 year-old mother of 3.

Sandra Clarkston died in a Florida hospital days after the accident. Welk, meanwhile, posted bail and was released.

Her grinning mugshot spread like wildfire across the internet. People all over the world, as well as Sandra's family were outraged.

Welk was charged with DUI manslaughter.

A court order has permitted her to move to Richland. She is monitored by GPS and can only leave her house to work or find a job. She also had to forfeit her drivers' license, passport, and pilot license. She had to inform the Florida court of her new address on Duportail St. in Richland.

It's unknown why she moved here. If she's convicted, she could serve up to 15 years.

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