Let me guess, this guy gets hundreds of smiles per gallon.
An Indian inventor built a coronavirus-themed car in one of the more unusual ways I've seen to "drive" home the messages surrounding COVID-19.
The owner of Sudha cars, K. Sudhakar, says he came up with the idea and built the car to illustrate, or literally, put into motion something that would get the attention of the people, and thus maybe then they'll be more ready to hear the messages regarding the dangers of COVID-19. Stay inside is the number one thing he says to do.
Preaching staying indoors, sometimes you gotta go outdoors to spread the message and hopefully not the virus.
The car is road ready and street legal with suspension, steering, brakes, and six wheels. And its got a little giddy-up. With a top speed of about 35mph, this is not just a slow roll. Like the virus, it can spread pretty fast.
Take a look for yourself:

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