I have been a regular at Ty's bar and grill for some years now, mostly being volunteered for charity events by Janis. I stopped by the watering hole yesterday, and Lori just happened to be there, so I asked about the schedule. To my surprise she showed me the official book, and my name appears several times a week. GOOOO TEAM! I'm not sure who they will put me with as far as a work partner, hopefully Karissa, Janice isn't that patient with me. I will try and change a few things, like the size of the cheese burgers, way to big, I need to cook smaller stuff. Maybe cheese burgers won't be available when I'm on duty. Also, no more flicking pull tabs on the floor behind the bar when I am in control, come on, do I really need to take the extra time to clean up after you. I will have some decorative baskets made to put out on the bar for the old tabs. Finally, since I'll be working evenings, the nights I work we will be closing at 10:00 pm so I can make it to my other job in the morning. Remember, all of these changes won't go into affect with out Lori or Steve's approval, but I think I already have them wrapped around my finger. Some activities I've been thinking of like Polka Karaoke Friday, you know mix it up a bit, step up and sing your favorite Schmengy Brothers tune." Polka the night away", "heart broke polka blues", and my favorite," my baby's doing the polka with my best friend". What fun. Also cooking all that ground beef for taco Tuesday is a pain, so I'm suggesting "Tater tot Tuesday", still working on that. For my full schedule, call Ty's 967-3896, or Janis 222-0875. See ya around.P.S. My bartender name is Cletus Hopps.

Here I am learning how to work the cash register, It was explained to me that we don't our tip money from the till, who knew? I have allot to learn