According to the dictionary a “boob” is defined as:

1. a stupid person; fool; dunce.
2. British . a blunder; mistake.

Today is yet another post in my series of posts where I name my choice for
the “biggest boobs” of the week.

Drum-roll please …

Matt Lauer has fathered a love child with a Today Show co-worker Natalie Morales. His mistress and co-worker Natalie is now vying for a Co-Host position. Matt's wife has threatened to leave him should he end up co-hosting the Today Show with Natalie. She doesn't want them working so closely together (for obvious reasons). The moral of this story  is don't poop where you eat.

Harry Styles and his EX's can share this weeks title.  Harry Styles (Member of the singing sensation One Direction) has a thing for older women. Harry now only 18 years old just broke up with his girlfriend who was 15 years his elder (TV presenter Caroline Flack). And previously he had a relationship with 32 year old Lacey Horobin ( radio personality).  Seriously questionable ....

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