Another dummy was spotted in the HOV Lane in Washington State.

Why do people insist on doing this? Using a dummy in your passenger seat may fool some people, BUT, it's only a matter of time before you're caught. That's what happened to one unlucky driver on Wednesday.

An HOV violation will cost you a minimum of $186.

But, when you attempt to cheat the system by using a mannequin in the passenger seat will cost you big! How about an extra $200?

Use of the HOV lanes is limited to two or more people. In some areas three or more people are required. The lanes are meant to encourage groups of people to travel together to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

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The benefits of using HOV lanes are many, when used properly.

• Using HOV, HOT lanes or express toll lanes saves time, reduces stress, and is a more convenient way to travel.
• Travelling in an HOV, HOT lanes or express toll lane is usually faster than the other lanes, even when the lane is crowded.
• People who carpool, vanpool or ride transit can save money on their annual commute cost and may be able to live near more affordable housing.
• Every shared ride reduces the number of car trips on the overall transportation system and helps reduce the area’s contribution to greenhouse gasses, global warming and environmental health issues.
• Transit service provides faster service and lower operating costs when using HOV, HOT lanes and express toll lanes.

If used properly, HOV lanes are the most efficient way to get to your destination safely.

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