As radio people, we love being out in the community at events. You'll see us with our station vehicles and tables put up, giving out freebies or just saying hi. We have our logo proudly stamped on all of our cars and tents, so you know it's us you're coming to see. So, it was kind of weird when one of our tents went missing. We were thinking, "Nah, it was just misplaced, or we'll get it back soon, who would want that? Well, apparently someone DID want the 97 Rock tent; because it's missing!

The tent was last seen at the Re-Tapped Music Festival, and we have been unable to locate it since then. Now, while this may not seem like that big a deal, those tents aren't cheap! Plus, we love our stuff and get sad when it goes missing just like anyone else would. The god news is, that 97 Rock is LITERALLY written all over the tent, so if seen will be to identify as ours. So, if you happen to go to a friends house and notice they have s snazzy new 97 Rock tent, can you let us know? We're holding out hope that it's somewhere out there, but odds are it's just another victim to Tri-Cities wind.

RIP Rock Tent. You will be missed. *Cue Sarah McLaughlin's "I Will Remember You..."*


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