Fortunately, no illnesses or issues reported so far, but apparently some customers are complaining their pork patties tasted rubbery--and they were literally right.

Johnsonville Meats is recalling some 48,300 pounds of these type of raw ground pork patties because some of them contained black rubber particles. The recall was announced last last week.

At least three specific reports were made to retailers and the USDA, these products are sold across the country.

Johnsonville says these in question were sold between last September 27th and October 17th. If you have some of these, look at the 'best flavor' by date on the end of the container and if you see "3-4-2-2-5" then it's part of the affected batch.  It DOESN'T mean yours has rubber in it, but the affected packages came from that production run.

You can either throw it away or return to the store and obtain a refund or credit towards another product.

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