I love TV theme songs. 

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What Are Some Of Your Favorite TV Theme Songs?

I miss those days of turning on the TV and getting to hear a great TV theme song. I grew up in an era of great TV theme songs and it's sad to see those theme songs become a thing of the past.

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As our attention spans have gotten shorter and as network shows and streaming shows try to squeeze in another 60 seconds of commercials, the theme song has become a casualty of the times.

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TV Theme Songs Once Were On The Radio All The Time

We can all sing along to our favorite themes. Theme songs were once even all over the radio as well. Themes from "Friends" and The Golden Girls' "Thank You For Being A Friend" were big hits back in the '90s and '80s.

If I start listening to theme songs on Youtube, I'm going down the rabbit hole.

One theme song I loved as a kid was written by a singer/songwriter that was born in Boise and now lives in North Idaho.

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Thom Pace will be best remembered for writing the theme song to the TV series "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams" which featured Dan Haggerty as Grizzly Adams who roamed the wilderness righting wrongs and trying to clear his own name for a murder he didn't commit.



The show also featured "Ben", a grizzly bear that traveled with Adams on his weekly adventures.

The song "Maybe" became a #1 hit song in Europe but didn't fare as well in the states. It's still amazing that a song that didn't the charts in the United States, you can still sing from start to finish.


Pace did other music work for TV but his song "Maybe" for me will still be the song I remember most. Pace now lives in North Idaho and still performs occasionally.

I came across the song today and it got me thinking that we need to bring back some of those great TV theme songs that we enjoyed so long ago.

I do like that Wandavision on Disney+ that aired recently did have five different theme songs on their five different episodes. It's a thing I hope Hollywood brings back someday.

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