For decades, the National Weather Service has been very excited about their weather forecasts. So excited, in fact, that they have been YELLING AT US THE ENTIRE TIME! Just look at this forecast for the Tri-Cities, for example:

All Caps WAZ028
NWS Pendleton, Oregon

Proposals to switch to normal type first came in the 1990s when media outlets started modernizing their technology to receive weather alerts via the internet rather than teletype. The National Weather Service kept the old style, however, as some outlets were slow to switch to new systems.

The announcement was made Monday and will go into effect for regular forecast products on 11 May. Severe weather alerts will switch over this summer, with things such as shipping and aviation forecasts staying in all caps to keep with international standardization.

I'll be honest: I'm excited for this change, but I will miss the old style. This is the end of a unique era for sure.

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