My whole life I have had the eyebrow struggle! They were either too bushy, a consolidated "unibrow," under tweezed, over tweezed and these days, balding! I have never had those perfect brows, ever. I see women and their perfectly tweezed and shaped brows and it just makes their face... well, perfect! I have tried. I have tweezed, I have let them grow, I have colored and I have gone completely natural. Nothing I did ever made me feel structurally even.

Until now...

Recently I recently had a procedure done and my life has forever changed. The Brow struggle is over! I had a procedure called "Microblading" and I am over the moon with excitement.

Microblading is a form of semi-tattooing, it is a process that involves tiny, fine-point needles to scratch and deposit pigment under the skin. The technician sculpted and created the most perfect brows for my face!

I am sharing before and after pictures, however they are DIRECTLY after the procedure and my skin is still irritated, shiny (from aftercare ointment) and a bit red. The results will take a few weeks to really show their true color and shape, plus I have a six week follow up appointment for any "fine-tuning."

Thank you to my friend Heather for giving me my eyebrow confidence and thank you for not drawing me on some very angry or excited brows!


Janis' new brows