This one is going to hurt. When I first saw it, I gasped. My anxiety. This poor dog.

Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Franklin County Sheriff's Office
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This is terrible.  Who shot this beautiful girl? Why would someone do this? This is NOT ok. The person who shot this dog MUST be found.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff's Facebook Post:

The reporting parties and their young children explained an injured Husky had arrived in the neighborhood and had been in the area for approximately 3 hours. The White Husky arrived wearing a neon pink collar with a metal chain leash attached.

Deputies arrived at the location and observed the Husky conscious and alert with an apparent gunshot wound to the head. Shortly after deputies arrived the Husky had a seizure causing her to significantly decline.

Where is the owner of this dog?

There was no information on her collar. The dog is not chipped. This post has my stomach in knots. I can't imagine how incredibly scared this dog must be.

The injured pup was taken to a local animal hospital. The animal rescue group, Mikey's Chance has agreed to help "Rikki" in her desperate fight for her precious life. No, doubt, this is going to be expensive. Please visit Mikey's Chance on Facebook to help.

If anyone has any information about this lovely pup, please contact the Franklin County Sheriff's Office at 509-628-0333. (It's reference #FCSO22015950)

Whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated. Read more from the the Franklin County Sheriff's Facebook post.

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