I've been thinking about how to spray a Seahawks logo on my lawn for a couple months now. I finally decided to learn how and this is what I discovered:

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    Buy some Enviro Color or Always Green Lawn Paint

    Non-toxic, should last 4 months and will make your lawn look great.

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    Get yourself a tarp you can cut holes in and paint on

    The tarp needs to be roughly the size of the logo you want on your lawn.

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    Hang the tarp and use a projector to cast the Seahawks logo onto the tarp in the desired size

    I recognize this method restricts you in size, but if you want a REALLY big logo you're going to have to make several stencils for each piece of the logo or free-hand it. Both of which are just as difficult as finding a bigger projector.

  • wbalam via Youtube
    wbalam via Youtube

    Cut small holes in the tarp to make a "connect the dots"

    If you do it right, you should be able to lay the tarp down on the grass, spray over the holes, then play "connect the dots" to paint an outline of your logo.

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    Lay the tarp down on the grass you've already painted green and with white paint spray over the dots

    The beauty of this method is you can fold up the tarp and save it for next year. With stencils, you'll have to find appropriate storage.

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    Connect the dots and start filling in the lines

    Now you just color in the logo like your spray can was a crayon. Use a piece of cardboard to keep your lines sharp.

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