As long as there are humans on the earth, there are going to be disagreements. People are going to fight. And sadly, the people that we care the most about are usually the people we are hurt by the most. And also the people we hurt the most!

That is so sad really.

Learning how to"Have A Good Fight"  is important! But, it's something that doesn't come easily -- especially if there is a lot of passion between the people arguing.

It's easy for me to forgive people that have hurt me. I really am not one to harbor anger. But hurting someone else who is less willing to forgive can leave them filled with anger, resentment and hinder their growth as a human being. I hate to do that to anyone.

I find it challenging to not let anger get the best of me at times. I seem to often end up saying something I regret. And like trying to put tooth paste back into a tube, the damage has been done.

When I went to church on Sunday I felt the sermon was meant particularly for me that day! A bit narcissistic of me I suppose, but I had just gotten in a terrible argument with someone I love very much. So it hit home.

I found this helpful: "How to have a good fight." Maybe you will as well!

Here's the text doc. of the sermon, too. I hope it is helpful to you. I think I will keep it close and listen and read it often so I learn this lesson!