Last Week I posted a video along with a story about how I was struggling to get rid of a Marmot living under my front porch.  I found a solution and it didn't include extermination. Our front porch sits just above our basement and located in the corner of the basement is my son's drum set.  For over 10 days I battled with this little booger (the Marmot) filling in the hole and chasing him off with no luck. He always returned to dig a new hole.  Last Thursday my son Sean decided to practice his drums (which he hadn't done in weeks).  Now I'm not saying Sean's drumming is bad (he's quite good actually) but the noise was so loud it spooked the varmint and he hasn't returned.  He's a lucky Marmot because I was just about to pull out the poison.

Honestly, I sort of miss him.  It would've been hard to exterminate a face like this.  Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.  My original story has more detail about the Marmot lifestyle - which closely mirrors the Playboy Mansion.