How Much Do You Pay A Babysitter In Washington State?

We love our kids and for a new parent, it can be challenging to figure out what wages you should pay a babysitter.

Courtney Hale
Courtney Hale

Should I Pay Above Minimum Wage For A Babysitter In Washington State?

Babysitters have come a long way since when I was a kid. Back in the day, you'd hire a teenager looking for some extra money or have an older sibling taking care of the kids when your parents went out.

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Today getting a great quality babysitter can be a chore and one of the first things you should look at is wages.


What's A Good Guide For Paying A Babysitter In Washington State

Wages aren't the only thing to consider when hiring a babysitter but it's a vital one because a good wage will hopefully get you a higher quality of caregiver for your kids.

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So where do you start to determine a fair wage to pay your babysitter?

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Luckily, has a guide that you can utilize to find a good wage if you are hiring a babysitter in Washington State.

You'd be surprised to discover that the average cost per hour for a babysitter is above minimum wage in Washington State. On average, a babysitter will make between $19 - $21 an hour and a few bucks more for multiple kids. $23 an hour is the going rate per hour for 2 kids and $24-$25 an hour for 3 or more kids.

I also found another great site called that helps break down the process of hiring a babysitter.

Our kids are our most important responsibility so it does help to have a guide that helps you make a decision concerning the going wages for Washington State especially if you are a new parent.

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