A horrific 3 vehicle accident yesterday in Eastern Oregon on I-82 resulted in the death of a 4 month old baby...

The crash happened approximately 30 miles northeast of La Grande according to Oregon State Police, Christy Erickson, 31, of La Grande was driving eastbound on in a Ford F-150 pickup with two children when she crossed the center line and sideswiped a Subaru Outback.


All three occupants were transported to Wallowa County Hospital where one of the children 4 month old Jordy was pronounced dead at the scene. The other child was airlifted to Boise Hospital. Erickson was treated and released from the hospital.

No one else was injured in the crash.

The family has started a gofundme account to cover funeral expenses for the family.

My godson, Jordy, was killed in a car accident on 9/11/19 in Eastern Oregon on their way through a challenging and dangerous area of road. Three vehicles piled up on a corner. His mother and older brother survived - but Jordy went to heaven I promised him I would do everything in my power to be the best godmother ever, forever, and I was going to be there for anything he ever needed. I need your help!! I need to make sure he has the beautiful burial any little 4 month old little angel deserves. Please help me raise funds quickly so I can arrange his services. I wasn’t prepared financially for this tragedy and while he has family, siblings, and others - this is my job. Please help me raise money for flowers, invitations, food, casket, urn, heck - I don’t know what’s involved in all of this but any help you can offer is appreciated. I love all of you. Jessica McCallister

Our thought and prayers go out to the family for their loss

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