I think the opening of a new pie shop anywhere should be big news, so I want everyone to know Challis Carter's "Holy Pies" is opening Oct. 1 in Sunnyside. She's got a pretty awesome story:

Originally from Portland, she and a friend decided to "work" their way across the country. They would find jobs in towns from west to east and work them awhile, and then find another job in another town further east. Carter went on a blind date and fell in love in Sunnyside and that was the end of her journey.

At a church class on developing skills she realized she was good with her hands and helping people, but didn't know where to go from there until she baked a pie to share with the class and people went nuts. She made more than 50 pies for friends that Thanksgiving and realized she had a business idea on her hands.

I'll be making the drive up to Sunnyside soon, let me know if you want to carpool. It's at 1829 S. First Street near the I-82 on-ramp.