My wife is hooked on a new Netflix show and to my surprise, the show makes several references to Yakima and Portland.

I hear my wife laughing from the next room over the weekend and I asked her what she was watching. She said she'd found a new Netflix show and it was pretty funny.

It's called Brews Brothers.

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Its first season is now up on Netflix and my wife says there are several references in the show to the Yakima Valley.

Brews Brothers is a comedy series that debuted on Netflix last year. It's about two brothers who own a brewery and can't seem to agree on anything.

It was created by the same person who created That 70's Show and the show has a lot of those comic vibes.

In the first episode, the brothers reference a trip to Yakima to buy hops. You might not know this about Yakima, but 75% of the United States hops (which is used in beer) are grown in the Valley.

The sitcom also references Portland besides Yakima.

The Brews Brothers season one is only eight episodes, so it's a quick binge. I will tell you that it can be a little raunchy and crass so it's not for the kids. I enclosed a video of the trailer above so you can check it out.

I know my wife was laughing about the show all weekend long and she said because the episodes are 20 minutes long, it only takes a few hours to binge the first season.

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