So you're sitting there in your apartment, and all of a sudden BOOM! A guys falls through the ceiling!

That's what happened last Friday night in Othello, as Adams County Deputies were tracking a wanted felony suspect. We don't know if the next unit WAS occupied, but it's weird nonetheless.

Ventura Ozuna was being tracked by Deputies, in the 2100 block of West Margaret Lane on the Southwest side of town. He was spotted entering his apartment and barricaded himself-refusing to exit. Even police bullhorn calls about sending in the K-9 failed to get a response.

When officers entered the unit, they didn't find Ozuna, but heard perhaps faint movement from above. They saw where he'd apparently entered the attic, but before they could track him again, a loud boom was heard next door.

It seems Ozuna had not learned that if you're going to crawl around in, or hide in an attic, you have to do so on the trusses and NOT the sheet rock. Ozuna had fallen through the ceiling into the apartment next door. After being treated for minor injuries at the Othello Hospital he was taken to the jail in Ritzville on his felony warrants.

Deputies added resisting arrest to his charges as well for what happened after he fell.

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