Boulder Cave, officially known as Trail #962 is operated by the US Forest Service runs about 1.5 miles from beginning to end, and although some parts of the trail are rough from recent water damage, it is suitable for all levels of hikers. Dogs are welcome but are not allowed inside the cave.

The cave itself is hidden behind a boulder, thus the name, Boulder Cave, and if you’re not paying attention it’s possible you could miss the opening. This recent reviewer, James A, gives a great explanation of what to expect when you reach the entrance.

Boulder Cave is always a fun little hike. Finally got to walk through the cave since it just recently opened back up. If you plan on going remember to bring a flashlight and might want to go earlier in the day since this place closes at 4pm. A beautiful hidden little waterfall and swimming hole is right beyond the cave that you must see! If you go on this hike it's worth checking out. Right before the trail dips into the cave, keep going straight (off trail) for only about 50' feet. It's hidden behind a boulder. Easy to miss if you don't know it's there.

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According to the Forest Service website, the most difficult part of the hike is walking up the trail after you exit the cave. One thing to note is that you likely won’t be alone, the trail is typically very busy in the summer months. The cave itself is about 330 feet long with Devil Creek flowing next to the path. You’ll need a valid Washington Recreational Pass available here. Restrooms are available on site. The drive from Tri-Cities is about 2 hours - directions.

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