Christopher Alvin Phillips, 23, from Hermiston


was driving around and a concerned citizen called police and said a suspicious vehicle was in area recently and could be related to a burglary in the neighborhood.

Turns out the were right, police arrived and detained Phillips and his accomplice.They handcuffed him and secured him in the back seat of the patrol car. Phillips was able to wiggle his hand cuffs off then broke the rear window from the patrol car, crawled out of the window and into the driver’s seat and drove away in the patrol car. Phillips crashed the vehicle into the ditch a short distance away. The vehicle was damaged, He is being held at the Umatilla County Jail and faces multiple charges including escape, vehicle theft, eluding police and other pending charges.

Moral of the story: if your sitting in a cop may want to accept the fact that you're busted.



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