We haven't had rain the Tri-Cities for several days now, but the rain we did get is actually part of the problem we're having with the fly population. That, and these very nice temperatures. It's not hot enough to dry everything out right now, and flies are feeding on that water. Even the morning dew leaves the grass wet for several hours after sunrise. This current fly hatch is a doozy and it doesn't look like it's going to improve much until the weather gets much cooler. The forecast is for 80 degree temps until late next week when we will see day time highs in the 70's, but that's still pretty nice for pesky flies.

I bought one of the fly traps that you add water to and hang. It stinks and I thought it would work great. Not much luck with that, but the fly paper gets full quickly! Ugly, yes, but it sure does snag those little devils!

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